There are various ways to customize the submit form button. You can change the submit button text, also you can change the styling options of the submit button. This can not be possible directly in the Google form. To achieve these customizations, you will need to use the Pretty Forms Designer Addon in your Google form.

This article will guide you on How to customize the Submit button in Google Forms using Pretty Forms Designer.

Prerequisite: Install & Setup Pretty Forms Designer Addon on your Google form, if not already done. Then open the Pretty Form Designer.

Please follow the below steps to change the submit button text in Google Forms.

Step 1: Click on the "Submit" button to select the button, once selected the submit button, click on the "Edit" icon button in the header toolbar. It will open the “Submit Button Text” popup.

Step 2: Change the new Submit text in the textbox and click the “Update Text” button.

Step 3: This will change the Submit button text to the new text.

Finally, Save your form and click the “Preview” button to check your form.

Note: If you want to change submit button text in multi-language, please follow the article: Change Submit button text in multi-language form.

You not only change the submit button text, also you can customize the styles of the submit button like changing the background color, changing font styles, and changing its alignment. Pretty Forms Designer offers a lot of predefined button designs, you only need to choose & apply a design on the submit button to change its look and feel.

Let’s customize the Submit button to make it a rounded button, aligned to the center.

Step 1: Select the Submit button, then go to the “Submit Button Styles” in the right side “Selected Item” Tab. Click on the “Predefined Designs” icon button.

Step 2: Choose a design from the list of designs and Change “Button Background Color” or other style options from the right side styles. And then click the “Apply this design” button. This will apply the selected design & styles to the submit button.

Step 3: To change the submit button’s alignment, first select its parent “Horizontal Box”.

Step 4: Change the “Horizontal Box” styling options by clicking the “More options” icon button & then change the justify-content style property to the “Center”.

In this way, you can apply any style to the Submit button of your form, even you can extend the button width to make a Full width button.