Whenever we have a dropdown question having a large list of items, we should make this dropdown list a searchable list. Otherwise, the user needs to find an item for selection in the drop-down list which takes precious time of the user. Google Forms does not provide an option to add a searchable dropdown list. But you can make the dropdown list searchable in your form by using the Pretty Forms Designer Addon.

This article will guide you on How to make a drop-down list searchable in Google Forms using Pretty Forms Designer.

Prerequisite: Install & Setup Pretty Forms Designer Addon on your Google form, if not already done. Then open the Pretty Form Designer.

Please follow the below steps to make a searchable dropdown list in Google Forms.

Step 1: Click on the DropDown question to select the dropdown item. Then click on the “Options for item” icon button for the selected item.

Step 2: Click on the “Make Dropdown Searchable” from the option list. This will make the dropdown list searchable & add a search box to find the items based on the entered text.

To check, you can click on the dropdown.

Finally, Save your form and click the “Preview” button to check your form.