If you need to combine multiple short answer fields in a group to ask a question in your form, this use case is not possible in the Google form. But you can achieve this using the Pretty Forms Designer Addon on your Google form. This article will guide you on How to Add Multiple Short Answer Questions in Google Forms using Pretty Forms Designer.

Prerequisite: Install & Setup Pretty Forms Designer Addon on your Google form, if not already done. Then open the Pretty Form Designer.

Let’s have a look at the below example to Combine Multiple Short Answers in Google Forms.

We have already created a few short text-type questions in Google form like Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, and Country. Under a “Text” title item “Address”.

Step 1: Click on a short text Question item to select that item, and then open the selected item structure in the toolbar.

Step 2: Each item consists of an Item Title, Item Description, Item Image, and Item Answer Field. Let’s remove the Item Title, Item Description, and Item Image so that only the answer box containing the answer remains. To remove the Item Title, click on the “More Options” button right of the “Item Title” And then click on “Remove this item”. Similarly, remove the Item Description and Item Image Box.

Step 3: Let's change the default placeholder of the selected answer field. Please read the article on how to change the default placeholder text in the Google Forms.

Step 4: You have the option to change the selected Item’s styles by using the top toolbar or by using the right side pane under the “Selected Item” tab, You can choose any option as per your convenience. Let’s remove the background of the selected question by making it a transparent background.

Step 5: Let's remove the default applied padding and the border width. Click on the “+ Form Item Style” to override the default styles, and then click on the “Form Item Padding” to add & change it to “0px”. Similarly, change the border width to “0px”.

Step 6: Now you will see the selected question is converted to a short text field.

Step 7: Similarly perform the above steps for the other text questions like Address Line 2, City, and Country questions.

Step 8: Let's combine the above-created text fields with the “Address” text title item. Create a vertical box as the row item, and move the “Address” text title item & the above-changed text fields in the vertical box.

Step 9: Change the Vertical Box styles like changing background color to white & add border width & border color to display like a question item. Select the Vertical Box item, you can use the right side pane & click “+ Selected Vertical Box Styles” or use the top toolbar buttons to change its style.

Step 10: Select the answer field item & change its margin or padding as per your requirements, as we changed its left margin to 40 px and changed the item’s answer box margin to 4 px. Apply the changes for other associated answer items.

Step 11: When you moved the short answer items to the group. The rows that contain the short answer items are now empty, so remove those empty rows.