Many times, we need to combine multiple questions into a group or create nested questions in our forms to display the form in a more organized way. Google Forms only provides multiple questions grouping using the sections concept, but for grouping a few questions creating a section is not a good idea. For example, creating a group “Name” of two sub-questions “First Name” & “Last Name”, to accomplish this by creating a section “Name”& two sub-questions is not a better-organized form. These questions should be grouped into a single row within the same section instead of creating a new section. You can achieve this using the Pretty Forms Designer Addon.

Pretty Forms Designer lays out your form in a hierarchical manner and questions into rows, it becomes very easy to structure your form as you want, like you can move your questions from one to another row. Using this technique, you have various options to create nested questions in Google Forms.

Let’s see an example of How to combine "First Name" & "Last Name" questions grouped under a single horizontal row "Name".

Prerequisite: Create "First Name" & "Last Name" both Text type questions in your Google form.

Install & Setup Pretty Forms Designer Addon on your Google form, if not already done. Then open the Pretty Form Designer.

Please follow the below steps to group multiple questions "First Name" & "Last Name" in a single row:

  1. Select a "First Name" question and click on the "Row Options" icon button on the right side of the question.

  1. Click on “Add Form Item(Question) to this row”. And then select the "Last Name" question from the list of questions.

  1. Now the "Last Name" question is moved to the "First Name" question row. The row of the "Last Name" question is now empty.

  1. To remove the empty row, select the empty row, then click on "Row Options", and click "Remove this row".

If you need, you can add spacing between "First Name" & "Last Name" questions by providing the margin.

To add a margin, click on the question like "Last Name", then click on the "Form Item Margin" icon button from the top toolbar, then provide the margin in px.

Then add the margin to "First Name" similarly.

In the same way, you can add more items in a single row, And you can make two columns, and three columns questions in Google Forms.