If you want to make an answer field non-editable or read-only in the form, you cannot do so directly in the Google forms. But you can make an answer field non-editable in the Pretty Forms Designer Add-on.

Prerequisite: Install & Setup Pretty Forms Designer Addon on your Google form, if not already done. Then open the Pretty Form Designer.

Note: Non-editable answer field should be used with the option by providing the default answer value to the answer field that would be non-editable or in the pre-filled form link.

Note: The question / answer field must be a non-required that needs to be non-editable.

Please follow the below steps to Make an Answer Field Non-Editable in Google Forms:

  1. Step 1: Select a question or answer field that you need to make non-editable. Then click on the “Options” icon button for the selected question.

  1. Step 2: Click on the “Make Answer Field Non-Editable”, which makes it a read-only question answer field.

By using the above method, you can perform the reverse action too & make that answer field editable.

Lastly, Save your form and check the form preview, the selected answer field should not be editable.