Many times we are required to customize the “Other” option text box field in our Google Forms.

But is it possible to change it, and how to make the “Other” option customizable?

Yes, the “Other” option in Google Forms is customizable by using the Pretty Forms Designer Add-on .

Please follow the steps to customize the “Other” option:

1: Install the Pretty Forms Designer Add-on, If you have not installed it in your Google Forms. Open your Google Form, and Open Pretty Forms Designer from the Add-ons menu. Then Setup & Open Form Designer.

2: Click on the “Other” choice text of the Multiple Choice Question or Checkboxes type Question.


3: Now change the multiple-choice "Other" options text to something else as per your requirements. Here, we are changing it to “Please specify”.

4: Save the form & Check the Preview. You would see the "Other" Choice text is changed to “Please specify”.