Sometimes we need to add a background picture in the Google form’s background. Unfortunately, Google Forms does not provide an option to set a background image in the Google form. But you can set the background picture to your form by using the Pretty Forms Designer Addon.

Pretty Forms Designer provides options to set the background on each of the form items like form header, form body, questions, answers fields, sections, etc. You can set different backgrounds on these form items based on your needs and the look & feel you want. To create an attractive Google form, the form should have a nice background with an image.

Prerequisite: Install & Setup Pretty Forms Designer Addon on your Google form, if not already done. Then open the Pretty Form Designer.

Let’s see how to set the background with an image to your form.

Step 1: Click on the “Form Page Background” icon button in the header of Pretty Form Designer. It will display a popup with background options like changing the background color & adding a background image. Click on the Background color to change the background color of your form.

Step 2: Click on the “Add Background Image” button. It will open options to add a background image.

Step 3: Add a “Background Image URL”. You can also use the “Choose Form Image” option to import an image added in the Google form. Optionally, you can set the "Background Image Repeat", "Background Image Size" and, "Background Image Attachment Property" styles. You can also set the Opacity property to the background image.

Finally, Save your form and click the “Preview” button to check your form.